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Top URB Gummies

URB Delta-8 + Delta-9 Gummies | 3500mg

URB Gummies – Buy Now! URB’s most potent and exotic gummies are made with the extraction of frozen hydrocarbons through live resin concentrate, consisting of the highest-quality cannabinoids, to give an uplifting and energizing effect to the people who consume them.

URB Delta-9 Gummies | 300 mg

URB Delta-9 Gummies are Ready to be dazzled by the all-new Δ–9 (Delta-9) THC gummies from URB and fully immerse in your own world by offering a more potent and energizing effect to all the users.

URB Delta-8 + Delta-10 Vegan Gummies | 1750mg

Experience An Unprecedented Experience!

These URB Vegan Gummies offer a premium blend of two of the most potent cannabinoids, which invoke highly potent and calming effects along with a heightened sense of alertness in your body that will make you lose yourself in your own fantasy and adventurous world.

URB Gummies faq's

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What is URB Delta-8 THC?

URB is the only company that produces premium-quality cannabinoid products, including Delta-8 THC products, which are popularly known for their high quality, potency, and effectiveness.

Is Delta–8 URB safe?

Delta–8 THC is very safe, but only when it is prepared properly with caution and must be thoroughly tested for the removal of harmful substances from the plant. It must be tested rigorously by an independent third–party labs using full spectrum test for checking heavy metal toxicity such as mercury and lead etc, pesticides, and other foreign chemicals.
With a focus on quality of Delta–8 THC, URB Delta–8 products have become a trusted source of Delta–8 THC.

How are URB Delta-8 THC products made?

URB Delta-8 THC products are extracted from indoor-grown hemp containing Delta-8 THC extract combined with other natural ingredients like strain-specific terpenes to create various products, such as Delta-8 THC gummies, vegan gummies, vapes, and tinctures.

What are the benefits of URB Delta-8 THC Gummies?

Benefits of URB Delta-8 products offer several potential benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress,
  • Improved mood and relaxation,
  • Pain and inflammation relief,
  • Increased appetite,
  • Potential neuroprotective effects,
  • Potential side effects of URB Delta-8 products, and much more.

CBD Harmony shop carries a wide range of products from vape pens and concentrates to gummies and vapor cartridges with variety of flavours to suit your taste accordingly at the best available affordable prices online.
Finding the best quality products online can be frustrating and time-consuming. But, at CBD Harmony Shop, all products are sourced directly from the manufacturer and are guaranteed 100% genuine and fresh.
Our goal is to make you stress-free from searching the long results on the internet and make your experience of shopping worthwhile from start to end. Our goal is to make you stress-free from searching the long results on the internet and make your experience of shopping worthwhile from start to end.

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Story of URB brand

Buy Delta–8 THC, Delta–9 THC, Delta–10, HHC –O, and so much more!
Lifted Made, a premium hemp and cannabinoid–based product company was founded and incorporated in 2015 by Nick Warrender who is currently serving as its CEO, with an aim to create cannabis–based products that are more accessible and affordable for the users.
They introduced the brand for premium hemp known popularly as URB with their new flavours of terpenes, making it one of the most popular and leading brands in the cannabis industry among fans of hemp–derived products for producing innovative products based on different proprietary blends of THC.
The company is headquartered at Kenosha, Wisconsin (USA).
Picking URB, means always counting on quality over quantity.
After starting with Delta–8 products, URB attained overwhelming popularity and has moved into offering a wide range of recreational cannabinoid products derived from hemp such as: Delicious Delta–9 & Delta–8 THC gummies, HHC Disposable Vapes, THCV Disposable Vapes, HHC –O flower, Live resin cartridges and more!
All URB products are crafted 100% from premium hemp showcasing rare strains grown on farms situated in in the Midwest (US) which provides an unmatched cannabinoid experience in their products.
They always stay true to their mantra of ‘QUALITY OVER EVERYTHING.’

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