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URB D9 THCO Cartridge | 2.2g


  • 2.2 gram 510 cartridge
  • Optimized ceramic coil
  • Live Resin + D9 THCO
  • 3ML Disposable vape pen
  • Sour Joker Flavour
  • Newly engineered sleek design
  • Fully showcasing the oil with robust internals of the vape
  • URB signature power button with both pre-heat and variable voltage settings for better customizable user experience
  • Updated ceramic coil
  • Decreased size of the oil intake hole
  • Increased size of the internal post to regulate the amount of oil intake through coil
  • More clearance for airflow
  • Reduced risk of clogging


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URB D9 THCO Cartridge | 2.2g

This is a stronger and smoother Delta –9 THCO Disposable Vape Pen giving a longer duration of effects than standard cannabis vapes.
This product is the combination of pure Delta–9 and Delta–8 THC–O resin which makes it more potent and provides long lasting effects than standard THC and is said to be 3 times much stronger than regular Delta–9 THC and 6 times stronger than Delta–8 THC.
Sour Joker is a strong and energized punch along with a goodness of honey that will light-up your senses.

URB D9 THCO Cartridge Strains

  • Truffle Butter derived from Hybrid Cannabis
  • Forbidden Gusher derived from Hybrid Cannabis
  • Mango Kush derived from Hybrid Cannabis
  • L.A. Wedding Pop derived from Indica Cannabis
  • Blue Watermelon derived from Indica Cannabis
  • Sour Joker derived from Sativa Cannabis

Additional Product Information URB D9 THCO Cartridge

– Federally compliant hemp-based product
– Natural and organic cannabinoids-based products with specific terpenes


Blue Watermelon, Forbidden Gusher, L.A Wedding Pop, Mango Kush, Sour Joker, Truffle Butter

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URB D9 THCO Cartridge | 2.2g


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