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Trippy Sugar THC–P Disposable Vape-5gm


  • USA Hemp Derived THCP
  • Natural and Organic Live Resin Terpenes
  • Includes a 5 gram disposables


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Trippy Sugar THC–P Disposable Vape | 5Gram

THCP is a minor cannabinoid found in Cannabis plant and its effect is known to be 33 times stronger and more potent than the Delta–9 THC but amazingly it is completely hemp derived.
These THCP disposable vape is primarily blend with Delta–8 to give the long-lasting euphoria to everyone!

Product Information:

• Includes rechargeable 5Gram Disposable Vape
• Capacity: 5000ML
• Next Gen Hardware and Rechargeable Port
• Fast Charging via USB Type–C (Cable not included)
• USA grown hemp–derived THCP
• Cannabinoids: Blend of THCP + Delta–8 THC and Terpenes
• Uplifting and Positive Vibes


• Ghost Wreck extracted from Cannabis Sativa is the combination of Ghost OG and Trainwreck strains that punches your mind with dazzling effect and leaving you high long-lasting with the heightened sense of awareness.
• Ice Cream Cake extracted from Cannabis Indica offers such effects that leave your mind and body to completely relax.
This strain has been reported by many consumers to give the calming effects that helps them in pain, sleep, and anxiety.
• Krypto Chronic extracted from Hybrid Cannabis is the combination of Fruity Pebbles OG, Alien Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato that gives a unique taste of fruity funk and bittersweet taste.


• Start with 1 or 2 puffs
• Let the initial dose take its effect for at-least 10–20 minutes to build tolerance in the body, before increasing the dosage
• Increase the dosage slowly to achieve desired effects


Crypto Chronic, Ghost Wreck, Ice Cream Cake

Lab Reports

5 Gram THCP  Disposable

Ghost wreck

Ice Cream Cake

Krypto Chronic




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