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Cali Extrax Live Resin Gummies


  • THC-H, Delta-11 & Delta-8 THC
  • 2500mg
  • 20 gummies Per Jar
  • 125mg Per Gummy


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Buy the Cali Extrax’s strong THC–H, Delta–11, and Delta–8 THC gummies with Live Resin!

This product is known for giving sensation of physical relaxation and mental bliss to all the users and have been reported to produce long-lasting euphoria.
To turn the hemp plant wholly into an extract, a process called flash freezing is commonly used, and that’s how live resin was introduced. Flash-freezing the resin preserves cannabinoids and trichomes, which in turn allows us to get more terpene properties resulting in providing richer and more complex and fresher taste.
The procedure of preserving raw hemp plant before extracting any cannabinoids to produce products like gummies, vapes, and tinctures etc. is called Live Resin. The difference between live resin-based extract with standard extract is only that, it is thicker, darker, and more viscous than the later due to its ability to yield a higher level of terpenes and flavonoids. Most hemp-based products derived from raw plant has undergone through a process after cultivation known as Dry-curing process to preserve the raw buds, so that they can be smoked or vaporized later.

Dry-curing process is not logically viable to turn that same plant into an extract due to the following reasons –

• Adverse impact on trichomes that are solely responsible for maintaining higher concentrations of terpenes and flavonoids
• Chrolophyll and moisture present in the plant exits itself during the process of drying and curing allowing the trichomes to be exposed from heat, oxygen, and light, all of which degenerate terpenes

Flash freezing is popularly used to make an extract as live resin from hemp plant. Flash freezing is the process of preserving the foods like vegetable and meat by placing them under extremely low temperature and pressure, thus preventing them to lose moisture and its nutrients. Flash-freezing the resin preserves trichomes, which in turn allows us to get more terpene properties resulting in providing richer and fresher taste.

Product Information:

• 2500MG of Live Resin THC-H, Delta–11 & Delta–8 THC per jar
• 125MG per gummy
• 20 gummies per jar
• Most Potent Cannabinoid Blend of Delta–11, Delta–8, and THC–H
• Made in USA

Cali Extrax Gummy Flavours:

• Guava Blast Gummies are the key to enter a tropical gateway.
• Orange County Creamsicle is the perfect combination of ripe oranges and rich cream
• Strawberry Mango Madness is the perfect fruit for fruit lover’s dream


• Start with the minimum dosage, i.e.; ½ to 1 piece of gummy
• Allow 2–4 hours to build tolerance in the body
• Increase the dosage to achieve desired effects


Guava Blast, Orange County Creamsicle, Strawberry Mango Madness

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Cali Extrax Live Resin Gummies





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