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How Long Do Disposables Vape Pen Last?

Normal shell life for a disposable vape pen is about 1–2 years before expiration.

Disposable vape pen provides approximately 100 to 300 puffs that lasts for at-least one week.  However, this varies significantly on different factors mentioned below in the list.

Durability of a disposable vape pen varies on several factors:

  • Type of vape pen,
  • Brand,
  • Usage frequency and style,
  • Temperature of liquid,
  • e–Liquid capacity,
  • Battery type: Rechargeable or Non–Rechargeable and
  • Battery capacity.

Types of disposable vape pens

There are various types of disposable vape pens available, each offering different features and functionalities. Here are a few common types:

    • Pre-filled Disposable Vape Pens

    These vape pens came pre–filled with an ingredient called e–liquid that are ready to be used straightaway, without any delay. Once the e–liquid is exhausted or the battery runs out, the entire device must be discarded.

    • THC/CBD Disposable Vape Pens

    These disposable pens are specifically designed for vaping THC or CBD concentrates that came pre-filled with cannabis extract and are available in different strains and flavors.

    • All-in-One Disposable Vape Pens

    These devices have an integrated battery, pre–filled with an e–liquid in the cartridge.       Once the e–liquid is completely exhausted or the battery dies, the entire device must be disposed–off.

  1. Button–Activated Disposable Vape Pens In these disposable pens, a button is present in the pens that needs to be pressed to activate the heating element and produce vapor. They offer more control to the user over the vaping experience.

Factor Affecting Life Span of Disposables Vape Pens


Usage frequency and inhalation style

People have different inhalation styles, some take short and quick puffs, while others take long and slow puffs. Inhalation style directly impacts both, the potency, and a rate at which the e-liquid is vaporized and, consequently, the lifespan of the disposable vape pen.

If it has been used frequently and for extended periods, it would make the battery to deplete faster, thus resulting in a shorter lifespan.

The rate at which the liquid in cartridge is used–up is directly proportional to the length of the puffs drawn by user.


Some disposable pens offer adjustable temperature settings.

Higher temperature (heat) causes higher–rate of evaporation, so in the same context, high temperature cause to vaporize e–liquid more quickly, resulting in a shorter lifespan as compared to the lower temperature in which the rate of vaporization of e–liquid will be exponentially slow.

Setting the temperature of a disposable vape pen to a higher scale means that, the ingredient presents in the form of e–liquid, will burn faster than usual. Thus, by controlling the temperature, one can determine its durability.

Vape Storage

Storing it in a cold environment, will make the e–liquid in vape to deplete itself as the ingredients will start consuming their own chemical compounds to maintain its core temperature and thus, they will completely be exhausted through oxidisation.

Recommended temperature to keep one’s disposable vape pen is at room temperature ranging from 15˚ C to 25˚ C to ensure long–lasting battery capacity.


Like in the human body, healthy heart is mandatory to keep the blood pumping in the body,

In the same way, one must ensure the best battery capacity to deliver best experience of vapor and stays for a long time.

Advancement of technologies in disposable vape pens will ensure that the e–liquid will not be used–up before the battery runs out.

There are wide range of selections on rechargeable and non-rechargeable disposable vapes in the market.

In non–rechargeable vape device, the battery size and quality are the top most priorities while buying and; for rechargeable vape device, one must ensure that the device will use the last drop of the liquid.

Best Website to Buy Disposables Vape Pens

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